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We are here to help you and provide you our range of products and services, given by the most competent and professional team of Pan Gulf Welding Solutions (PGWS). Providing the needs of welding and cutting machines for small businesses, establishment, manufacturing, constructions, outdoor projects and the oil & gas companies. With international standard for quality and safety, our following products comes from the most known companies globally and holds the highest recognition throughout their regions and abroad.

Pan Gulf Welding Solutions is based inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a division of Pan Gulf Holding Company with its Main Office located on Al Khobar. Owned and manage by Mr. Khaled Al Hamdan, our division was established in the year 2005 and started from the eastern region/province. In just a few span of time because of the demand of our dear customer, we are now providing our customer from the western region, central region and even inside Kingdom of Bahrain.

Pan Gulf Welding Solutions main products are the Welding & Cutting Machines, Accessories and Consumables. You can choose from the following range of Welding machine from ARC(Inverter, Rectifier, Engine Driven Welder), TIG, MIG/MAG, Welding Automated, Column & Boom and Orbital Welding System. Our Cutting Machines with the following Plasma, Oxyfuel, combined Plasma & Oxyfuel, Automated Cutting and Pipe Beveling Machines. This machines will give your required needs and ensure high performance, low cost, more productivity, more efficient and more success in welding and cutting.

As our progress continues and our team expands, the company has added more products conveying our goal as one stop shop for our costumer. This includes power tools, drilling & grinding machines, SAW, chemicals for treatment of metals, positioners, rotators and rapid heat system. We also provide our customers rental machines for their short term needs, that includes all features of each machines and services. For technical assistance our reliable technical teams are always ready to serve you in terms of servicing, calibrating, seminars/training, commissioning and any other technical support.

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